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NFTs are quite interesting, aren't they? If you didn't even marginally think so, then it's very unlikely you would be here reading this right now. With that said, a heartfelt welcome to NFT Code!

  • You can think of us as your chauffeur to any destination that makes the world of NFTs that much easier for you to get into. Do you want to take a trip down the road of increased information to bolster your knowledge about the industry? If so, we have you covered.
  • Do you want a comprehensive look at the kinds of assets that make up the NFT line? If so, we have you covered. Have you been doing your research and are now ready to get into investments? If so, we have you covered!
  • You would notice we decided to use the term “chauffeur.” That's because it perfectly sums up the service that we provide. We are not going to directly provide you with an investment platform, for example.Additionally, while we are here to provide you with a bit of information, it’s foundational at best, though it remains critical.
  • What we do is understand the needs of our members and route you to a carefully selected third party. Check out the details below to understand things a bit better.

What Is NFT Code?

So, what are we doing here exactly? Well, the workflow is simple. First, you get started by going through our simple registration process. Don't worry! We hate long registration forms about as much as you do, so we have no intentions of putting you through that.

What is it that you want out of NFTs? Is it the prospect of investment that interests you? If so, we have the relevant connections to put you in contact with a third party that not only understands the NFT marketplace but can also give you some insights into market factors and trends that you may want to keep abreast of.

Maybe you're not yet ready to pull the trigger on investments because you are still underinformed. If that describes you, then we'd like to commend you. There are way too many people putting their money into systems that they don't understand only to end up with an undesirable outcome. We have identified third parties that do a much better job of introducing all the concepts and variables of the trade to those who are most interested in learning. Maybe you may think that NFT trading is where you want to go, only to find out that you are more passionate about NFT creation.

All we'd say is that we work best with at least a general direction of where you are, what you want, and where you are looking to go. Yes, you may end up discovering some of that through our efforts, but help us help you as much as possible.

Now, we'd like to take this opportunity to say something incredibly important. The NFT world does not equate to free money. Too often, we see that investment products are made out to be hubs for profit.

Yes, some people have done quite well for themselves from investments. However, others have had the opposite experience.

The point being made here is that NFT trading and engagement have a level of risk involved. We are in no way promising that you are going to make money. All we are doing is directing you to targeted expertise that puts you in a good position to make informed choices.


What to Expect with Registration

From where we stand, there are two basic priorities. First, we need to be able to identify and protect everyone who decides to use our platform. Second, we need to adequately supply whatever third party we identify with the information necessary to meet your needs.

So, our signup form consists exclusively of fields that collect that kind of data. You are going to be done in less than five minutes, which we're sure you appreciate. Once you’ve filled in all the information, go ahead and indicate your agreement to our terms and conditions, assuming you have read them and there are no discrepancies.

Upon submission, our system sends a verification email with an embedded link that you click on to properly activate your account. This is where our chauffeur role gets going. A specially selected account manager then reaches out to you to further welcome you and get an understanding of what you are looking for from NFT Code.

At this point, it's incumbent on us to direct you to an adequate third party that is best suited to help you realize your specific desires.

What Is an NFT?

So, why don't we start at the fundamental level with what NFTs are? Put simply, an NFT can be just about any reasonable digital asset that has easily attributable ownership. There is a ledger behind the scenes known as a blockchain that maintains transaction and ownership records on the NFT marketplace.

If you are familiar with the way cryptocurrencies work, then the blockchain is not too far removed from its crypto counterpart. The concept of gas (the energy needed for transaction computations) remains present, as do the associated charges. Typically, the blockchain associated with an NFT has an underlying cryptocurrency, and you must use it as the medium of exchange.

One of the incredible attributes that NFTs possess is a reliable medium of unique identification. You may think that an item’s being a digital asset makes it susceptible to mass replication. If that were the case, then what would make an NFT so special? While anyone can view an NFT, only one party owns it. This equation presents quite an interesting twist on what digital right ownership used to be. Note, however, that owning the NFT does not automatically grant ownership of the trademark or copyright for the asset.

Common NFT Types

At this point, the better question would be what kind of digital asset cannot be an NFT? Art is quite popular and arguably the quintessential digital asset here. However, you find that current NFTs are so widespread that the possibilities seem almost endless.

vIn-game assets from creation studios are already making the rounds as NFTs. There is even a tweet that is quite expensive. Where does it go next? What do you imagine could potentially form an NFT in the future?

As far as the common ones go, video game elements are very much up there alongside visual art, photos, videos, and music. Virtual environment land, as well as digital clothing, are less popular, but they have already emerged.

NFT Users

As is the case with the NFT types, the attributable user base also continues to evolve. Artists, of course, find themselves here, especially since they are often the creators of the pieces that go on to be NFTs.

While the industry provides an alternative way to support them, they are not always the owners, so it may not be as linear as you imagine. Still, some manage to monetize their efforts beyond the usual mediums.

Video game developers and publishers also make an appearance here as you can imagine from the information presented above.

Of course, businesses cannot be excluded from the mix. While nothing is guaranteed, it could be a potentially profitable venture, right? If so, you can always expect that corporations are not too far away.

Probably the most important one to you is regular people who don't fall under any of the expected labels. That is what makes the marketplace so interesting. It's highly accommodative to a variety of types and classes of individuals.

We're not going to sit here and say that it's barely an inconvenience to get in though, as depending on the NFT and the blockchain, the cost implications can be prohibitive at best and ridiculous at worst.

Who Can Make an NFT?

This is probably a good place to go next. What if you aren't necessarily as interested in the trading as you are in the creation? Could you potentially make an NFT? Well, considering what the current barriers to entry are, anyone could theoretically make an NFT.

After creating your digital content piece, you then need to turn it into an NFT through a process known as minting. This requires a crypto wallet and several fees upfront. Unfortunately, there is no consistent measure of these charges, especially since events that happen daily can wildly alter them.

This is the reason original content creators often are not the ones who turn their works into NFTs.

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